What type of material are the pyjamas ?

The pyjamas are polyester, this is the only fabric that can handle the heat during the sublimation process.  Any other fabric would melt.  Unlike screen printing, the detail which can be achieved in sublimation printing artwork is unlimited.  Hence the great look of the pads on the pyjamas.

Are they suitable for girls ?

Yes they are designed to fit girls and boys the same,  see our size chart for the appropriate fit.  You can also check out our facebook photos of Isabel wearing the PJs so you know they look good.  Lots of girls play cricket now so we have to look after them. They can now be fashionable and sporty.

Are there new designs coming out ?

Yes, we currently have designs 5 new designs that we are working on.  The new designs coming are car racing replica suit pyjamas, soccer pyjamas, Aussie rules pyjamas and rugby pyjamas.  If you would like to be part of the development process let us know via our email contact or on facebook.