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Kids Pyjamas Wholesale

Kid sleeping wearing wholesale kids pyjamas

Wholesale Sports Pyjamas for Kids

Ever wonder why your kid makes bedtime a fuss? Toddlers are tricky – they’ve grown enough to have their own ideas and wants and you have to keep pace. Your kiddo may be less likely to stall his bedtime if he gets to call a few of the shots. Let him choose which PJs he wants to wear to make him have a little control over things. What’s even better? Try the new Sports Pyjamas for kids and chances are he’ll less likely to balk at bedtime. Wholesale Sports Pyjamas are great for kids so don’t miss out on the chance to lessen bedtime struggle; a really fun and easy trick to try.

How you can order Kids Sports Pyjamas for your Retail Shop

Sports Pyjamas sold wholesale are making a buzz. Sports Pyjamas for kids currently have cricket-inspired theme and are working on other sports designs so you will have an array of choices of sports-themed pyjamas to choose from. Parents and kids alike seem to be excited about this new craze. Wondering how you can order Kids Sports Pyjamas Wholesale for your retail shop? Like us on Facebook to keep you posted about the latest updates, arrival dates and the status of officially licensed pyjamas.

Why Stock Sports Pyjamas for your Online Store

Get your kids interested in sports and you’ll less likely to worry about health-related problems caused by inactivity. If your kid is already the active type, then make sure he still gets the feel of outdoor fun in his own bedroom, especially during bedtime. Sports Pyjamas for kids are a hot ticket. Everybody seems to be talking about it and kids can’t wait to grab their own pair of Sports PJs. This is one big reason why you need to stock Sports Pyjamas for your online store. Besides, most mums find online shopping more convenient. So when their little ones start to badger them about getting a pair, your store is ready to cater to their needs.

Pre-ordering for Kids Sports Pyjamas

Part of helping your toddler learn good sleeping habits is teaching him to fall asleep on his own. But even the best sleepers sometimes need extra assistance – from a teddy bear to a glass of warm milk to his favorite sleepwear, all share a common purpose. You want your child to learn to get to sleep by himself and sleep aids actually work. Introduce your kid to the latest Sports Pyjamas so he’ll learn that bedtime doesn’t mean cutting his playtime short. With his comfy and stylish sports themed apparel he’d love to crawl into bed and continue to have fun dreaming about his favorite sport. We know you can’t seem to wait to get these items on hand. Well, good news, pre-order option is coming soon. For now, you can like us on Facebook to keep you updated. For those interested and have enquiries of all sort you may also use the contact form on the website.

by John Rowbottom Kids Pyjamas Wholesale

Wholesale Pyjamas for Kids in Australia

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Kids Pyjamas Australia


Kids Pyjama AustraliaNew Idea for Pyjamas and Kids in Australia

There are a lot of different ways to teach healthy sleep habits to your child. Need a tip you may want to try? Many children are dawdling before going to bed. They tend to sleep well with your night time habit of a quiet cuddle and a bedtime story. Well, with this new idea for kids pyjamas, you’re out with the old and in with the new. Instead of singing a song and story-telling, don your kid in the most cozy and comfortable sleepwear to make him more excited in bedtime.

Kids Pyjamas Australia is all that and more. It gives your kid the feeling of being snuggled as he experiences the naturally-soft fabric of the pyjamas. It’s almost like you giving him lots of extra hug to last him the whole night. Your family’s sleep dilemma is over, you can now say hello to an even sweeter dream with the new kids pyjamas designed in Australia. It’s the coolest bedtime clothing you can ever dress your child in.

Australian Sports Themed Pyjamas for Kids Break New Barriers

Just like other toddlers, your child is beginning to understand that he is his own person, so he wants to assert his independence. In your kid’s formative years, he develops his character and the confidence to get him thru the nitty-gritty of life. Support your child’s interest and make sure he gets into activities that will mold him to become a better person. Sports pyjamas for kids in Australia will get your child to become more active and dynamically on the go. Not only will it encourage your kids to get involved in sports, it will also help your child develop the following:

  • Passion for sports
  • Social interaction skills
  • Sportsmanship

Australian Online Stores Can Now Stock Sports Pyjamas

For some reason, children throw a fit at times before going to bed. You may be surprised by just how many parents face this scenario night after night. Don’t make your bedtime routine a power struggle. Kids pyjamas bought online in Australia could be a solution to your long-time predicament. It is comfortable and visually attractive to kids and toddlers alike. Pyjamas often contain visual references to a thing that may hold some special appeal to the wearer and this could put them to bed easily.

Australian online stores can now stock sports pyjamas. Online shopping is convenient and ideal for busy parents. There are bright sides to shopping at the comforts of your own home:

  • You save gas
  • No travel time
  • Not much effort to exert
  • No kids to worry wandering about

Get those fingers busy and make your child happy. Get him something he’d love to wear so he’d look forward to bedtime right after his warm bath. Buying online for your kids has never been this fun.

Unique Gift Idea from Cool Uncle or Aunty – Kids Pyjamas

It doesn’t have to be the holiday season to show your nieces and nephews just how much you love them. Random presents can make kids feel extra special, especially real gifts that not all kids will have. And with the new Australian kids’ pyjamas you might just become his favorite Uncle or Aunty.

Help kids feel empowered, let them make bedtime choices whenever possible. With your coolest gift – kids pyjamas, they’d be asking to wear nothing else but these comfortable and cozy night time outfit. You may just have reinforced a child’s biological rhythms by establishing a regular bedtime routine of putting on his coolest bedtime costume.

Idea for Australian Sports Pyjamas? Tell us About it

With so much research and studies emphasizing the benefits of getting more exercise rather than slacking off and being a couch potato, knowing your kid is into sports can put any parent’s mind at ease. Kids are known to be active and energetic and Australian Sports Pyjamas will nurture their love for sports and may keep the risk of obesity and diabetes away.

Sports Pyjamas has designed its first range – cricket-themed sleepwear. There will be a wide array of sport themed bedtime apparel available soon. We’d love to hear from parents across Australia about the different team sports they want their kids to play or sports that their kids already love playing. We are working on new sports designs and would appreciate your feedback.

by John Rowbottom Kids Pyjamas Australia

Sports Pyjamas for Kids in Australia

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Boys’ Sleepwear for Children’s Best Slumber

Boys in Sleepwear

Boy’s Sleepwear Designed in Australia

Many times over it has always been a battle for so many parents to make their children go to sleep. Providing children with ample sleep, enough to get them through their daily activities is definitely hard-work these days.

Parents at this time and age wonder and think up of so many different ways just to give their child the sleep they much deserve. The boys’ sleepwear, designed in Australia, helps keep growing kids get their much needed sleep. Fabrics are naturally produced and give that warm homey feeling to each boy’s sleepwear apparel.

Manufactured to the Highest Quality – Boys Sleepwear

During their own childhood and while growing up many parents have experienced the homey comfort of children’s sleepwear, getting tucked into bed and having such a wonderful night’s sleep. The cozy and fluffy comfort of the materials that make up many sleepwear for kids cannot be denied.

Even adults continue to use this kind of night clothing because of the quality of the fabric used for these night time favorites. The materials used for these boys sleepwear have a certain amount of care, relief and ease which will generally encourage better sleep. It’s literally packaging wonderful childhood experiences of love and support and fitting them into the well-known PJs.

Testing and Compliance with Australian Standards – Boys Sleepwear

Sleepwear for kids will not only give style and sleek comfort but also provide a wonderful lifestyle change for children. It will really help your kids gain more energy with many nights of quality sleep. Enough sleep will definitely keep children active and alert for many of their daily activities whether physically or mentally.

Based on tests and compliance these sleepwear for boys have proven to be of top quality and class. All of these toddler pyjamas are not only made of excellent fibers but are also great in aiding a better good night sleep. Created with a distinctly comfy feel, this satisfaction shall benefit your child many times over. With the children’s sleepwear your child’s over-all growth and development eventually standout from the crowd.

Boys Sleepwear Tested with our Standards – Durability and Wear

The many selections of toddler pyjamas make you and your child bond over various interests, whether it be color, shapes or styles, there are many to choose from on site. The kids sleepwear online also keeps you updated with many designs and trends. Galleries of photos easily help you to see how each style and design has its own unique durability. Shopping for your child will not be a bother with the kids sleepwear sale showcasing our very own standard and uniquely tested PJs that will surely delight you and your child.

Upon visiting the site you shall learn more about the items listed for the kids sleepwear sale. More detailed descriptions of these PJs that you would definitely want for your child can be seen on kids sleepwear online even showing you the versatility of this age-old parents’ partner for better sleep.

by John Rowbottom Boys’ Sleepwear for Children’s Best Slumber

Boys’ Sleepwear for Children’s Best Slumber

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Kids Summer Pyjamas in Australia

Summer Pyjamas

Diversity of Summer Pyjamas – for Summer from Cairns to Hobart

Summer is experienced differently across Australia. The tropical summer season in Cairns differs from Sydney’s hot summer days while Hobart gets the most number of hours of daylight among Australian cities every summer.

Kids summer pyjamas are as diverse as well. They are made of different fabric and come in different designs and prints. A particular type of summer pyjamas stands out however. Sports-themed pyjamas for kids are practically the ideal sleepwear for active Australian kids during summer.

Kids love to play their favourite sports outside during summer days and extend their playing hours well into the night, even inside their bedrooms. Because of this, sports-themed pyjamas make the perfect summer wear for kids.

Kids Summer Pyjamas – Cool and Breathable

Although the intensity of summer heat varies from area to area, one thing is certain: It’s hot during summer. Here are some tips in choosing the right kids summer pajamas:

  • The fabric the kids summer pajamas should be made of has to be light and soft to the skin
  • It has to be breathable, not tight. It will help your kids feel more comfortable
  • The design has to match the kids’ active lifestyle, especially during summer. Sports pajamas are a great option
  • Light-colored summer pyjamas feel more comfortable because they do not absorb heat as much as dark-colored ones

Day/Night Cricket – Summer in Australia

Cricket for kids is popular in Australia in summer. There are various summer sports programs that offer cricket for kids. Boys and girls who are passionate about playing cricket are typically active kids who typically have high regard for their sporting heroes. For them, playing cricket in the morning is not enough. If they can, they would want to bring their favourite sport into the bedroom at night. Good news for them, they can bring their cricket dreams and aspirations into their bedrooms courtesy of cricket-themed summer pyjamas for kids. If they are to dream about becoming cricket superstars in their sleep, it would be just right that they do it in their cricket uniforms.

Summer – Staying up Late and Pyjamas

For kids, summer is supposed to be fun. We want them to sleep early but, for them, that isn’t fun. Sometimes, we parents have to agree. We were kids once too so we can totally relate.  When school work is a distant memory, it just feels fun to stay up late. And what’s more comfortable than for kids to be in summer pyjamas while waiting for their eyelids to feel heavy. Late night could also be a good time for a bonding session between parents and child. You can set up camp in the backyard with your little one and share stories that interest your child—all while he or she is comfy in kids’ summer pyjamas.

by John Rowbottom Kids Summer Pyjamas in Australia

Kids Summer Pyjamas in Australia

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Childhood Obesity – Develop your Kid’s Passion for Sports

Childhood Obesity

Obesity does not just affect adults but can have an impact on children’s health as well. Know more about this health condition and find out how even your kid’s sleepwear can help in developing their passion for sports.

Inactivity Causes Health Problems

Being inactive can cause health problems for your kids such as:

  • “Weak knees” – Not being able to run around may cause your kid to feel less energized compared to kids who are more active.
  • Obesity – Not being able to burn the fats in their body may lead to early obesity, especially if your kid does not have a balanced diet.
  • Limited range of motion – When your kid is used to just playing with modern gadgets, he may find difficulties in actually having to move or being able to endure long walks or sprints.

You can help avoid these with a few simple tricks, and even simply with quality sleepwear for kids!

Sport Helps Learning and Development

With sports, your kids can learn more and develop their personality as well. They will know more about how different sports are played, and will also have more of the following concepts in mind:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Responsibility
  • Team play
  • Being fair
  • Having discipline

Sports can even motivate your child to go to school or attend your community’s sporting events.

Team Sport Develops Social Skills

If your child is naturally shy, you may want to enroll him in a sports class which will bring out his character more. This helps him become more active and you will gradually see how he interacts with other kids in his team.

He will also learn more about how to follow instructions and advise from some other authoritative figure like his coach or team captain. Apart from being able to avoid obesity, you can help reinforce the social skills your kid has when being active in sports.

Sports Themed Pyjamas Re-enforce Their Sporting Passion

Once you have piqued their interest, take your kid to a kids sleepwear sale where they can choose kids sports themed sleepwear which will match their current sports interest. Sleepwear with a theme they like can help in subconsciously bolstering their interest for whatever sports they are playing as seeing the prints on their sleepwear for kids will remind them what to look forward to next day.

Quality sleepwear which can be used by kids can also help them have a sound sleep at night which will prepare them for their activities the following morning. Buy comfortable kids pyjamas to give them more comfortable night time sleep which will rejuvenate them for tomorrow.

In particularly cold seasons, footie pajamas can keep them warm and have an undisturbed sleep due to cold feet. You can even buy this type of sleepwear for kids with interesting sports themes like balls or sports gear online. Your kids will appreciate this and will have a reinforced interest for the sports he decides to play.

Apart from being able to give him comfort during sleep, quality sleepwear can also encourage him to be more active by being able to give him energy from the night before, and by having prints and themes to remind him what he can look forward to!

by John Rowbottom Childhood Obesity-Develop Kids Passion for Sports

Childhood Obesity-Develop Kids Passion for Sports

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Children’s Pyjamas – Five Tips for Choosing What to Buy

Choosing what childrens pyjamas to buy

Your child’s health and comfort is one of your top priorities, and to help ensure the quality of their health, you should invest on buying quality children’s sports pyjamas which will allow your child to make the most out of their sleep. Sleep is very much important to your child’s growing years, and with good pyjamas for children, you can improve the kind of sleep the kids get.
Choose a Pyjamas Design your Child will Love

There are a number of kids clothing stores that you can choose from when looking for comfortable nightwear. You can even purchase quality kids pyjamas online! Keep in mind that when selecting pyjamas for your little one, they have to be:
•    Comfortable
•    Durable
•    Safe

A lot of times, these features are present in organic kids sleepwear or flannel pyjamas since they are made of highly breathable fabrics. To entice your children to wear their pyjamas more, remember the following:
•    Choose their favorite color
•    Pick an interesting design
•    Maybe even pick unique pyjamas structure with extra pockets

This way, they would love to wear their new night time clothing!
Pyjamas that are Safe and Comply with Australian Standards

Since your child will be wearing it during sleep, the pyjamas ought to be safe for their health because their young bodies are still susceptible to more heath complications than that of adults. Keep the following tips in mind:
•    There shouldn’t be parts of the pyjamas which can be swallowed. Preferably choose pyjamas for kids with no buttons or ones with tightly sewn ones.
•    The garters should not be too constricting since children would not want to feel restricted.
•    Organic materials are advised to help promote their safety.

Our sports pyjamas have been tested for compliance with safety and particularly low fire danger standards, so your kids are safe at nightime.

Long Lasting and Durable Children’s Pyjamas

There are lots of gorgeous kids pyjamas which you can choose from, but it is important to pick long lasting pyjamas. Satin pajamas, due to the type of fabric used, may prove to be durable and can last you much longer. Inspect the stitches to ensure that your purchase is of good quality and will match your kid’s active movement before and after sleeping.
Children’s Pyjamas that Fit and Last Longer than One Season

When you get to buy durable pyjamas for children, they will last for longer than just a season! Since kids grow up fast, you may want to pick short sleeve pyjamas so their arms won’t look awkward as they might leave behind the sleeves. The bottoms should be one or two inches longer since you can fold and unfold them as they grow up. Footed pyjamas are especially good for little kids.
Pyjamas for Children that Re-Enforce their Interests

Pick pyjamas which will catch your child’s attention. Maybe choose doll-print pyjamas for girls or pyjamas will ball prints for boys. You can even have personalised pajamas to be worn by children which can feature their name. The fit may be adjusted to suit your child’s needs perfectly as well. Choosing kid sports pyjamas your little one will love won’t be such a hard time when you keep these tips in mind!

by John Rowbottom Five Tips for Choosing Children’s Pyjamas

Five Tips for Choosing Children’s Pyjamas

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Training Cricket Champions with Boys PJ’s

Training Future Champs with Boys PJs

Tough PJ’s for Tough Boys

Most parents have plans for their little tykes from the get-go.  Most parents who are sports fanatics would normally encourage their kids to start trying out different sports at an early age.  Sports are easy for children to get into and are highly beneficial for the health so there is nothing wrong with starting them tough early on.

The easiest way to getting them pumped up with your favorite sport is by watching games with them and buying sports-themed items like cards, posters and even Sports PJ’s.

Sports-Themed PJ’s for Boys

When it comes to pyjamas for boys, sports themed sleepwear never fail to work.  Some people would question if it makes a difference at all since basically, kids simply wear them to sleep.  However, any parent today knows that it is not that simple and easy to get children to sleep right away during bedtime.

Like most of the other kids who jump around in bed, play make-believe, or even daydream before actually turning in for the night, they get to do this with a bit more passion with their boys pyjamas on.  Garbed in boy PJ’s of their favorite team, they can even pretend they are the newest rookie in town scoring goal after goal against the opposite team before nodding off.

Boys Sporting Heroes – with PJ’s

Heroes are another area that stirs little boys’ interest.  They are strong, ideal, and every little boy looks up to them and dreams to be like them one day.  If you have your little boy looking up to sporting heroes, why not get them boys cricket PJ’s that will surely send them to dreamland earlier than expected while encouraging them to be like their hero.  Wearing hero-themed sleepwear for boys gives them a sense of being close to sports characters that they greatly admire.  It makes them feel they truly have a shot at being like their favorite heroes or at least be as strong as them.

PJ’s for Boys that love Sports

Getting kids interested in sports is not only fun but it also teaches them discipline and responsibility.  What better way to start instilling these principles to our boys than to show them how to take care of their pyjamas?

More often than not, teaching kids how to take care of things can get a bit frustrating.  But have you ever thought of what their reaction would be if it is their favorite boys PJ’s we are talking about?   You already know they adore their pajamas and would do anything to wear them all day and every night.

Today, little boys are extremely prone to staining their boys PJ’s with condiments, paint, and other parent horrors.  Given that they have developed a fondness towards their boys PJ’s, they just might develop a sense of responsibility in taking better care of their pajamas. Funny but true, sometimes something as simple as choosing your kid’s pyjamas can change your child’s behavior.  With all the benefits involved, you can never go wrong with wanting your child to take an interest in sports.  If you are looking to build your kid up with the dedication and discipline found in the best of sports champions, get him some pyjamas for boys and see for yourself what a huge difference it can make.

by John Rowbottom Training Future Champions with Boys PJ’s

Training Future Champions with Boys PJ’s

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Kids Pyjamas Online: One Perfect Reason to Love Bedtime

Kids pyjamas online

A New Way to Buy Kids Pyjamas

All kids reach a point where they begin to develop a dislike for bedtime. Most kids do not like bedtime for the reason that it cuts their playtime or story time short while others simply do not like the thought of ending the day and going to sleep. There are also others that just want to test the patience of their parents and continuously fight off sleepiness.

As parents, it can be frustrating for us to get our kids to bedtime as early as they are supposed to. This can lead to a number of problems for the child as well including having a hard time waking up the following morning, being sleepy at school, and lack of energy. This makes bedtime a great source of stress for both parents and kids.

Kids pyjamas online is the newest way of buying kids pyjamas.  Open up your browsers and let them choose their favorite characters or sports and watch how bedtime rituals transform right in front of you.

Online Shopping For Pyjamas

Online shopping does have its benefits most especially for busy parents who are torn between work, household chores, and picking their kids up from school or summer class. It is shopping right at the comfort of your home. You save gas, travel time, effort, and the burden of having to keep an eye on your wandering kids.

Show off those wonderful sports-themed pajamas to your kids while they are munching on their favorite snacks or right before they go to sleep and you just might become the best parents from the eyes of your kids. Little boys and girls are quite easy to please. Parents just have to know the right way of doing so, and one way is to buy online pyjamas for your kids.

Size and Fit – How to Select Pyjamas for Kids Online

Kids pyjamas bought online  could be a parent’s best friend in trying to get kids and toddlers alike to get to bed easily. Comfortable and highly attractive sets of kids pyjamas have a certain charm that puts restless kids at ease and somehow break the hyperactivity all day long. Try making them wear plain colored pajamas on one night and a sports-themed pyjamas the following night and carefully observe their different reactions.

Chances are they got more excited with the sports pyjamas compared to the plain ones. They most probably wanted to wear it the soonest as well. However, there are still some things you have to keep in mind when choosing the right kids pyjamas online:

  • Lightweight cotton must be used for pyjamas for kids during the summer months while heavy fabric like fleece or flannel work best during winter months.
  • Two-piece sleepwear fit toddlers best as they are easy to put on and remove while footed pyjamas fit babies to toddlers. However, they should have rubberized soles for busy toddlers.
  • Infant pajamas are easier to choose because parents can do this alone but toddler pajamas and sleepwear shopping must be done with the kids themselves unless the parents know exactly the designs that their children prefer.
  • Choose the machine washable ones to make laundry time a bit easier.
  • Sizing – most parents choose a size bigger for practicality but make sure it is not too big or your child may have a harder time moving.

Buy with Comfort – Shipping and Returns of Kids Pyjamas Online

Turn what used to be a stressful bedtime ritual into a bonding session that both you and your kid will be thankful for in the future years. It may be hard to get over the stress if you are not exactly informed about the major wonders that kids pyjamas bought online can do but it is not something that cannot be forgotten.

Do not be afraid to try out kids pyjamas online for fear of choosing the wrong size because returns are offered in a given time.  Shipping is equally easy as well with no hassles.  You can have it shipped to your home or office address and simply wait for the package to arrive and surprise your kids with their amazing pyjamas you purchased online to make them love bedtime more.

by John Rowbottom Kids Pyjamas Online

Kids Pyjamas Online

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Sweet Dreams with Sports PJ’s

sweet dreams with kids sports pyjamas that can be ordered online

Dreaming plays a necessary part in developing a child’s personality. Pleasant experiences and exposure to new ventures can help develop a child’s interests, which are re-enforced in real life when we spend time with our kids, and subconsciously when they sleep. The trigger for developing your child passion for sport, can be playing and sleeping in the playing outfit of their favorite sporting star, with sports themed PJ’s.

Be your own sports hero

Our sports PJ’s are now in cricket theme, and will soon come in fun prints inspired by Australian sports, from football, to race car driving. With these designs, your children can channel Michael Clark or Mark Webber even in their dreams. Where else does all the glory start but in the seed of a dream? Your kids could be highly inspired to take interest in sports, and eventually assume a more sporty personality.

Provide the Dream Trigger – with Sports PJ’s

If some adults perform elaborate rituals to prepare them for a good night’s sleep – meditation, aromatherapy, a bath, and a fresh change of clothes. Why not do the same with our children for whom sleep is of prime importance? We can help them think good thoughts by reading bedtime stories, and tucking them to bed in clean sleepwear with inspiring sports icons.

Sports PJ’s – Sleep and Outdoors

These cricket sports PJ’s can be worn outdoors also. Children can actually march to the park in these sports PJ’s without looking like they just got out of bed. These sports PJ’s look presentable enough to actually pass as sports uniforms.

Quality PJ’s for Kids

These children’s PJ’s are made of soft, absorbent fabric that will give your children utmost comfort and protection in and out of bed. The PJ’s have also been tested and comply with Australian standards with children’s nightwear with low fire danger.

Unique Children’s PJ’s

You can conveniently order these kids’ PJ sets online. No need to make the unnecessary jaunt to the shops where the usual children’s sleep wear they carry are the classic ones with tiny, uncharacteristic prints. Online, you can select from a wide range of designs, depending on your sporty child’s inclination. These might just be kid’s sleepwear but for your children, everything in his surroundings — what he eats, feels, sees and wears — counts.

Kid’s PJ’s Online – Gift Idea

A great gift idea for the son, daughter, niece or nephew, we ship to anywhere in Australia. Check out our available sizes today

by John Rowbottom Sweet Dreams with Sports PJ’s

Sweet Dreams with Sports PJ’s

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Sports Themed Slumber Party – with Sleepwear


buy sports pyjamas for kids in Australia onlineOutdoor Sports become Indoor Sports – in Sleepwear

Slumber parties are a great way for children to bond with their friends, and a night of computer games becomes a little anti-social, when one or two kids are playing with everyone else watching on. But indoor cricket is an all in sport, bowling down the hallway, fielding in the kitchen – well you get the idea. During a rainy day, or a sleepover, kids can still have fun, and sports themed sleepwear will have them dreaming about sport, not their video console.

Sports themed Sleepwear for Kids is Unique

Kids love to show off their cool toys and clothes, and the latest Disney themed sleepwear is common and can be bought anywhere, every department store will have them. However a real gift is something that no other child will have – custom designed sleepwear of their favourite sport. We love to hear from mums and dads across Australia and get feedback about different sports they want their kids to play, so we designed our first range – cricket themed sleepwear that will hit our online store soon. Plus we have a range of new sports designs in progress.

Kid’s Sleepwear Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Kid’s love themed parties – often pirates and princesses, well why not a sports themed party. Positive encouragement, participation, social interaction and having a go – rather than forcing sport onto them; we want to help them develop a passion for sport, so they want to play sports without us parents prodding them along. Anything we can do to promote an active lifestyle in adolescents, to get regular exercise that keeps their metabolism up, calories down and the obesity health risk off the radar.

Durable Children’s Sleepwear for unlimited play

Our sports themed sleepwear is made of comfortable, highly absorbent and durable material — best for pillow fights and indoor cricket and football. Soon you will be able to choose from a variety of children’s sleepwear in different sports themes and colours. Kids enjoy sharing things in common with friends, so it would be fun for your kids to show off the latest in unique sports themed sleepwear to their friends.

by John Rowbottom Sports Themed Slumber Party – with Sleepwear Sports Pyjamas

Sports Themed Slumber Party – with Sleepwear